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Howdy and thanks for visiting,

About the Photos: This is my hobby, feel free to comment under any photo, I enjoy knowing you were here, and email me at fostidae@yahoo.com with any queries on using a photo or anything else. I use this site for sharing my adventures and view of the world with my friends, family and anyone else who enjoys photographs.

About the Cameras: I’m a Canon guy, I currently play with a EOS 50D and two Canon lenses, one standard 28-135mm, and a 70-300mm. I also have an older Powershot S3 IS (point and shoot w/ manual functions) that still gets used, a waterproof Elf that never gets used, and an old AE-1 film body with a couple lenses that get’s out rarely. Now in this day and age my iPhone w/ Smug Mug’s Camera Awesome App is getting plenty of clicks too (highly recommended app).

About Me: I'm a 30 something who enjoys the outdoors and all its inhabitants that are to be found, admired, and photographed. I'm interested in capturing unique wildlife, landscapes and music shots. Originally from Northern New York's Adirondacks and currently reside in Redding, a northern California city located in the foothills of the beautiful southern Cascade Mountains.

If you are interested in a SmugMug account, a great way to organize and show off your photos, get a discount by referencing my email fostidae@yahoo.com or coupon # hnK7kCLiUBU82 as I would like to see your shots too!
Cheers!! ~JLF
Oh, and my other love is music: http://www.JFMusic.net

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